Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT)

PEAT is the leading-edge energy/spiritual psychology, a fast-acting series of processes that quickly discharge and discreate the negative energy around an issue, leaving the individual free to choose a response in any given situation instead of an emotional reaction to it.  The freedom gained from using the PEAT processes alone or with a PEAT therapist is liberating and moves the individual from dualistic polarity thinking (good vs. bad, for instance) to unified consciousness, the state of grace, or, as Carl Jung termed it, pleroma. 

Processes include Deep PEAT, PEAT 2, 3 and 4, Shallow PEAT, Verbal Expansion and Reduction, Little Magical Method, Fingertip Technique, The Hologram, Gnostic Intensive, to name some of them.  Some can be self-administered, even on-the-go, but most clients prefer to work with the PEAT therapist facilitating the more intensive processes. 

PEAT was invented by a brilliant Serbian therapist named Zivorad Slavinski.  For people who meditate and have achieved glimpses of the state of grace, PEAT may seem familiar.  For those who have never meditated, many discharge so much energy around so many issues that the state of grace, or the Buddha Mind, is often achieved during the first PEAT sessions. 

If you have wanted to escape the clutches of the egoic monkey mind, constant useless brain chatter, then PEAT will bring you the mental peace and personal courage to move to higher levels of consciousness , to Presence and Awareness. 

Barbara Wright is a Certified PEAT Processor and has been using PEAT on her therapy clients for 11 years with great rewards to both therapist and client.

During a horse/rider ESCT/PEAT therapy clinic, the rider has the option of working with his/her own horse or a Harmony horse.  Left:  An assistant helps keep horse and rider safe while working in the early stages, before the rider feels confident enough to go solo and the horse has not yet been completely "set" with ESCT rehab.  Center:  Time out for relaxation for both horse and rider, using PEAT relaxation techniques, including short meditations and pulsing for the horse, are interspersed with work sessions.  Soon the rider is able to go confidently solo through a beginner-level obstacle course.  The rider is also taught how to administer ESCT to the horse so that future sessions back home go smoothly. Both therapies, ESCT and PEAT, focus on bilateral brain integration.  ESCT is suited for the non-verbal horse and works on deconstructing old and unwanted memory paths in the brain and replacing them with the newly learned ones using ESCT.  PEAT combines spiritual and emotional therapies that help the human reach unified thinking and clears the brain of unproductive and looping thoughts that create fear, anxiety and stress.  It is a win/win situation for all - horse, rider and the instructor!

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