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Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT) 

Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT) was invented by Barbara Wright in 2002 to help calm a spooky Arabian horse named Victoor (aka Vic) whom she purchased at a livestock auction in CO for $825.  Previously, he had been listed as breeding stallion on the Internet for $35,000.  Because of his seemingly intractable nature, he ended up at auction on the equine trash heap like so many other anxious, nervous and spooky horses.  Barbara had just undergone EMDR therapy and instinctually knew it would work on Vic.  Using all the steps in the human protocol except languaging, it did work!  She named the revised process for horses ESCT and has been using it on horses like Vic for 17 years​.    Her work at her horse sanctuary in Colorado the past 16 years has given her many chances to heal troubled horses with ESCT, horses that had come from backgrounds of mistreatment, starvation, cruelty or abandonment. She now continues as a therapist as her main focus, both for horses and humans.

Her techniques can be learned by purchasing the ESCT Book of Horse Healing Secrets and accompanying PowerPoint, all on one CD, for $50 by hitting the Make a Donation button, entering Book and COD in the info line, and ordering through PayPal.

The ESCT Book of Horse Healing Secrets, PowerPoint presentation, both on CD, and the ESCT pulser are available for sale, product info below.

Commonly asked questions:

1.  How many ESCT sessions does my horse need?  Depends on the nature of the spook or issue and general well-being of the horse (and owner).  Usually, 3 to 5 sessions lasting 20 minutes or so each releases the fear around the spook or issue. 

2.  How will I know that ESCT is working?  During a session, the horse will relax, showing the classical relaxation signs - licking and chewing, relaxing his head and neck, soft eyes, and a relaxed or contra-posta stance in the hind end.  He will be more accepting of the stressor as it is presented and removed.

3.  How often will I need to do ESCT with my horse?  Once an issue seems settled, retesting it periodically is a good idea.  Usually sessions are spaced a day apart.  All issues need to be retested with the rider on board and a helper during a riding retest is recommended.

ESCT Pulser Package 

The ESCT pulser is an automatic gently vibrating attachment to the horse’s halter that allows hands-free administering of the gentle bilateral tapping.  Two small pads attach symmetrically to the vertical, nose or head strap of the halter, or to the nose band of an English headstall.  Manual controls allow the user to set the speed and intensity of the tapping.  A guidewire runs from the small control box to the pads.  The small control box is attached to the underside of the cheek strap beneath the horse’s mandibles with some electrical tape.  The two small pulsing pads are also attached to the vertical straps with a bit of electrical tape. 
The pulser comes with instructions, the book and PowerPoint on CD, and a carrying case. 
Cost is $150.  

Here is why ESCT works:

  1. 1.  ESCT works on the horse’s brain, not just the body tissues like equine bodywork, and changes his behavior by laying down new neural networks in the brain.
  2. 2. ESCT is easy to learn and use, hands or a Harmony ESCT pulser being the only tools needed.
  3. 3. ESCT removes the old memory and replaces it with a new one (neural reprocessing).
  4. 4. ESCT most often works in three 15 to 30 minute sessions or less.
  5. 5. ESCT integrates with all training and treatment methods.
  6. 6. ESCT is based on proven Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatments for humans, modified for the horse.
  7. 7. ESCT’s effective cure rate for any given spooky situation is over 90 percent.
  8. 8. ESCT centers the horse into his body, creating responses instead of reactions by calming the Automatic Startle Response (ASR).
  9. 9. ESCT engages the horse’s volitional brain where learning takes place instead of the reactive brain.
  10. 10. ESCT can be used working on the ground with the horse or with the rider up.

ESCT Book and PowerPoint on CD

 Learn how to administer ESCT using one of three methods, or a combination thereof.  The methods are eye movement, hand tapping, or tapping with the ESCT pulser.  The PowerPoint presentations takes you through the theory and practice step-by-step. 
The book and PowerPoint are both on one CD.  
Cost is $45

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