Harmony HorseWorks was founded in 2002 as an equine rescue and sanctuary and evolved into a horse/human therapy center in 2012.  We treat spooky horses with Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT) and troubled humans with Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT).  Relocated from Colorado to Arizona in 2015, the nonprofit  501(c)(3) charity is run by Barbara Wright, Certified PEAT Processor, Inventor of ESCT and equine artist.  Barbara is chief therapist and Vic, her Arabian gelding, is cotherapist (right).

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In 2015, the Harmony Equine Welfare Fund was established to support Mountain Valley Horse Rescue in Eagle, CO and Moyer Farm Animal Rescue in Bennett, CO, both rescue organizations currently caring for former Harmony horses.  The fund also assists horses in need in AZ.  The corporate board has 3 members currently.  Donations from the compassionate public and proceeds from the sales of Barbara’s paintings and equine art raffles, as well as sales of the ESCT pulser package and book and PowerPoint on CD, all support the corporation’s operations and charitable activities.  Our FEIN is 200763702.

Harmony Horse Works and Equine Welfare Fund (HHEWF)

ABOVE:  "Communion," by Barbara Wright shows 3 relaxed Akhal-Tekhes in a "group doze."

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