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Harmony Horseworks Esct For Despooking Nervous Horses

ESCT therapy for spooky horses and PEAT psycho-spiritual therapy for troubled humans.

For 15 years, we have specialized in healing nervous horses, restoring the horse/human relationship after a riding accident, helping humans overcome their anxiety, and liberating them from the conditioned mind through self-realization.

Left:  "Challenger" is one of Barbara Wright's equine paintings and the designated July/August 2016 equine raffle painting.  Make a $15 donation using the button below or by sending a check payable to Harmony HorseWorks and receive one entry ticket.  You can enter as often as you like.  The money goes to support the Harmony Equine Welfare Fund that Barbara set-up in 2015 to help horses in need in Arizona and Colorado, especially those needing to be relocated to new homes.

Top:  The Harmony ESCT pulser for despooking troubled horses, available for purchase.

Middle:  Barbara Wright and Lokki, a former Harmony HorseWorks sanctuary baby.

Bottom:  Lego and Gail having an intimate moment a few years ago, a beloved departed horse and a cherished former sanctuary volunteer.

Mission Statement:  Harmony HorseWorks and Equine Welfare Fund is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corp. established in 2002 in the State of Colorado, registered with the Colorado Secretary of State, Division of Corporations.  Our Federal ID with the IRS is FEIN:  200763702.  Our mission is to provide donation-supported therapy for spooky horses and troubled humans, with Barbara Wright donating her services to those in need.  The Equine Welfare Fund supports former Harmony HorseWorks rescue and sanctuary horses in Colorado and helps place abused, neglected, unwanted horses into new homes throughout the Southwest.  We help owners unable to keep their horses re-home their horses through our extensive Internet contacts.  When funds allow, we donate additional monies to other rescues and sanctuaries in the USA through the Equine Welfare Fund.  We are a volunteer organization with 3 board members and no paid employees.  Donations from the compassionate public keep us going, as well as the fire in our hearts to help horses and humans return to well-being.  We donate all proceeds from the sale of Barbara Wright's equine art to HH&EWF as operating funds.  We thank you for what you can give to our cause.

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