Harmony HorseWorks volunteers learn horse therapy using equine stress control therapy. Become a part of Colorado's horse sanctuary movement and make room for a horse in your heart. We rehabilitate and retrain horses. Help meet our mission statement and be a part of a horse sanctuary movement. Horse adoptions are a great way to own a horse.  Horse therapy can cure phobias and spookiness through equine stress control therapy.
We rehabilitate and retrain horses. WRIGHT-ESCT (TM) Equine Stress Control Therapy can cure phobias and spookiness and give you and your horse a better life.

DeSpook your horse with ESCT and find your equine angel

"Encantador" is our January/February equine raffle painting. For a $25 donation to Harmony HorseWorks, you receive one entry. Donate as often as you like. Painting is 18 x 24 in., acrylic on gallery wrap canvas (no framing needed) by Barbara Wright.

By appointment only.
Closed in the winter due to snow, ice and cold.
Months of operation are April 1 to October 30 annually.
Call for appointment with Barbara Wright at (303) 816-0766 or email


Those volunteers wishing to do community service under deadlines mandated by their caseworkers may call for special arrangements throughout the year. We try to accommodate your schedule.


Scheduled for April and May 2015, six consecutive weekends, choice of Saturday or Sunday (not both days), room for 10 participants on each day (20 total), $30 per session, $180 for the six weeks. For details, see PEAT link on menu bar.


Contact Barbara Wright for information and to schedule. Day clinics are available at your facility if you are within a 2 hour driving radius of Denver.

Recommended Book

Virtues & the Virtuous: Inspiring Lesson and Insights about Virtue, Virtuosity, and the Essence of the Human Spirit, by E.F. Ferraro.
Price: $12.95
“For an author to lift this reader’s spirits to such heights of appreciation is a rare talent. This work points to the unconquered human spirit that endures the travails of life with grace. Each story is a petal in the opened lotus, the enduring symbol of enlightenment.” - Barbara Wright, Artist

Our Mission

Harmony HorseWorks is a horse sanctuary for a small herd of orthopedically challenged horses who can no longer be ridden and are living out their lives in comfort here at the horse facility. The horses serve as groundwork teachers and therapy horses and as teachers for volunteers in grooming, hoof care, and general horse care. We focus on making our sanctuary horses comfortable and use them in educational programs with high school, junior high and elementary school students, local crisis centers and other community organizations, as well as private individuals.

We teach Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT), a method for de-spooking horses using bilateral brain integration techniques such as body tapping, pulsing and eye movement. ESCT was invented by Barbara Wright. Proceeds from these teaching activities support the horses. A certification program is offered in ESCT for those wishing to practice the processes.

We offer PEAT human psych-spiritual therapy. The PEAT processes allow the higher self to reveal itself and move the person from dualistic to nondualstic thinking. Workshops are offered several times a year in a group setting.

We help place horses in cyberspace by networking primarily in CO and the Southwest with other rescues and sanctuaries and through our extensive email lists. We do what we can for horses off-site and no longer house them all here as in years past due to financial limitations. We receive no funds for these efforts and do this voluntarily with compassion, helping between 35 and 65 horses yearly find homes.

We are a 501(c)(3)nonprofit corporation registered in Colorado under with the IRS under FEIN 200763702. We incorporated in Colorado in 2002 and received our IRSE nonprofit status on February 23, 2004. Our fundraising efforts are ongoing and bring in almost all revenues to support the organization. Nobody is salaried, we are an all volunteer organization.

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Horse programs for children and youth are available at Harmony Horseworks sancuary and equine therapy center.